Filmproduction RTV

This may as announced I spend a day with a great Filmteam from RTV, who did a production on cities at the Danube.

What would Vienna be without the danube? Probably still the city with the best standard of living and – like a few people say – the most unfriendliest aswell. With that of course people can only mean the so called „wiener schme“. Just like the famous „wiener schme“ the danube is a very important part of Vienna. As a place to relax or as a source for creativity (one must only think about Johann Strauss`“The blue Danube“).

To me the Danube represents a very important sources of inspiration, as I always lived in cities that lie at it. I am very proud to share this film with you and please excuse my hoarse voice as I had a coxed a few days before the shoot.

Enjoy watching the video and thanks again to the Wonderfull Filmteam from RTV!