Science meets Classic & Jazz / Exklusive Event

The pianist, composer and singer Robert Werner will host an international medical conference at the Hotel Imperial in Vienna.


Vienna has always attracted famous artists, scientists, musicians and composers into its buildings and halls of the timeless architecture of the 19th century. Modern Vienna is no difference with it´s status as city with the highest standard in living worldwide and by overtaking Melbourne as the world’s most liveable city. So we are even more happy to welcome the international medical congress Science meets Classic & Jazz in the wonderful Hotel Imperial.

Robert Werner will perform on stage with his Trio and will awe the international audience with original compositions as well as classical and jazz song. Next to the scientific key speakers one of the highlights of the evening will be internationally recognized medical professional Prof. Dan Reinstein (London) performing with Robert Werner and his Trio.

Science meets Classic and Jazz Robert_Frak









We are very much looking forward to this evening and want to thank the organisators for the invitation.

Robert is Member of the Vienna State Opera. He is a singer, composer and piano player. He has been a tenor at the Vienna State Opera for 25 years. Enjoy his Classic and Jazz repertoire.