Ein Künstler der Extraklasse!

Sänger, Pianist, Komponist, langjähriges Mitglied der Wiener Staatsoper
       und leidenschaftlicher Entertainer – das ist der Künstler Robert Werner!

Announcement: Swinging Classic in “Schwarzberg”, november 2017

Robert Werner and his new programme “Swinging Classic” was to be seen on the 9th of March, 2017 in the sold off location “Schwarzberg”. He was supported by Harry Putz in the bass and Thomas Käfer at the drums. On account of the big inquiry there is in November a repetition.…

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1. Austrian Ball in Sarajevo, May 20 2017

Robert Werner is one of the main acts and the musical ambassador of Austria at the 1st Austrian Ball in Sarajavo. This Dancers of the famous Baletna škola-Princeza Ksenija will dance to his compositions.…

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Classic meets Jazz, November 18 2016, Vienna Palais Schönborn

A fulminating concert

Robert Werner perfomed virtuously on a grand piano in the staterooms of the Schönborn Palace in the City of Vienna. He was supported by Harry Putz on bass and Thomas Kaefer.…

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Playground for the “Kinderwelt Stiefern am Kamp”

From the charity concert to the playground for the Kinderwelt Stiefern am Kamp.

After a visit to children’s world Stiefern in 2014, Robert Werner spontaneously composed a musical piece (Childrenworld). He decided to produce a CD with children’s songs, and to donate the proceeds to children’s world.…

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As a young pianist and vocalist, Robert Werner lived for swinging jazz, but also blues and rock. Later, he turned towards more serious music without abandoning his love for jazz entirely. Additionally, Robert Werner engages in Viennese music with particular passion.…

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